Monday, 23 May 2011

Beautiful eyebrows

Beautifully shaped eyebrows act as a frame to set off your eyes, just as your hairstyle sets off your face and a picture frame sets off a beautiful painting. It's no exaggeration to say that brow shape can make - or break - your look.

Well-shaped brows can also take years off your appearance. And although brow shapes may come and go the basics of shaping stay the same.

Even if you've always been a little intimidated about how to go about brow design, here's how to create mistake-proof eyebrows every time:

Inside point (A)
Position a pencil from the outside corner of your mouth past the outside of your nostril to the top of your nose. Where the pencil crosses your natural brow is the best "inside" point for your eyebrow.

Arch (B)
Look straight ahead into your mirror. Follow an imaginary line straight up through your iris to where it crosses your natural brow line. That's the ideal place for your arch.

End point (C)
Position the pencil from the outside of your nostril past the outer corner of your eye. Where the pencil crosses your brow line is the most elegant place for your brow to end.

Join the three points together with light and tweeze away any in-between or low growing hairs that lie outside of your ideal eyebrow shape. To lift the archof the brow higher, tweeze hairs from just below where you want the arch to be highest. This instantly "opens" the look of your eyes. 

Shaping your eyebrows beyond basic grooming is best done by a professional. Although, once you get the line and shape you want, you may be able to maintain it with regular tweezing yourself. For more extensive re-shaping - with waxing, lasers, electrolysis or threading - consult a professional and plan on regular repeat visits to maintain the look.

Have a look at some of the most famous and wanted eyebrows
                                                    Angelina Jolie                                                                             Megan Fox