My Wardrobe

Most people's wardrobes are about a small selection of pieces that all fit within one aesthetic and one room. Well, Lady Nini isn’t such a person. With a wardrobe that spans three different rooms, her approach to fashion is a mixture of current-season key pieces mixed with vintage finds. This sounds to us a good reason to take you on “un voyage” inside her wardrobe.

It is Lady Nini's wish to keep updated with the latest fashion trends and news in order to inspire you. And the newest fashion pictures to help stimulating your visual senses. Clothes, accessories, beauty products, hairstyles and, of course, shoes make part of our daily lives.
Because she believes fashion is important to everyone and every day life. It inspires. It amuses. It helps find who we are. More over, it helps project who we want to be. Let's inspire ourselves and dare, together!
Let's get the party started... Inside my Wardrobe!