Sunday, 6 July 2014

Shake It Up!

On our previous post about our Clean and Lean 30 Day detox we were just getting started, today is our Day 5. 

If we keep it simple, the easier it is.
What about having something super simple, something that is absolutely delish and is actually good for you?


Let me introduce you to a staple in my home, the protein shake powder from Arbonne.  
You can see from the label below the low calorie, high protein goodness it offers, but the best part is it is 100% vegan approved and gluten free.

Its protein comes from cranberry, rice and pea protein and has no artificial sweeteners. Also, it tastes so good! You can shake it up in a shaker cup with any kind of liquid (water for zero calories, almond milk for a richer flavour) or zap it in a blender with fruit. Delicious!

Want the skinny on the shake? Take a look for yourself… And if you want some you can just contact us to hook you up!

Have you tried these shakes before? What is your opinion? We would love to hear from you.


Fashionista said...

too many carbs..