Sunday, 18 November 2012


Set on a plain rising gently from the sea to a range of wooded hills, Barcelona is Spain's most cosmopolitan city and one of the Mediterranean's busiest ports. Restaurants, bars and clubs are always packed, as is the seaside in summer. The city's avant-garde chefs whip up a storm that has even the French reaching for superlatives.

Some of you might get the impression it's dedicated exclusively to hedonism, but it's a hard-working, dynamic place hoping to place itself in the vanguard of 21st-century Europe.

It regards its long past with pride. From Roman town it passed to medieval trade juggernaut, and its old centre constitutes one of the greatest concentrations of Gothic architecture in Europe. Beyond this core are some of the world's more bizarre buildings: surreal spectacles capped by Antoni Gaudí's Sagrada Família church.

Barcelona has been breaking ground in art, architecture and style since the late 19th century. From the marvels of Modernism to the modern wonders of today, from Picasso to the likes of Susana Solano, the racing heart of Barcelona has barely skipped a beat.

The city itself could keep us occupied for weeks but just outside it are sandy beaches, Sitges and the Montserrat mountain range. We have to make time for a few day trips during our stay.

Have you been to Barcelona? What are your thoughts about the city and favorite places to visit?


Rubi said...

Barcelona is a perfect city. It offers everything that London has, with a latin touch and - most important - it has the sea :). Love Barcelona!

Modemic Nadja said...

Barcelona!!!!! It's my favorite city and I love it sooo much!!! I was there twice and definitely want to come back. Barcelona is so beautiful and I feel me so comportable there.

Karen Ussene said...

Boa viagem ;).
Eu estive lá o ano passado. Um dia nãofoi suficiente >.<. Talvez volte um dia!

Antonia | FASHION IMPERATIVE said...

Beautiful city!

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Framboesa (uma diva de galochas) said...

Adoro barcelona...estive lá pela ultima vez em Abril passado .) Adoro a Boqueria ;)

MissyLi said...

Andas por aí a viajar e não dizes nada.....


Gaby de Modacapital said...

I was there 2 years ago... Love Barcelona, is an amazing city! :)

oliwkoweo said...

beautiful place <3

Isaa said...

Apesar de nunca lá ter ido ( shame on me xD ) Acho que é uma cidade muito bonita :D