Friday, 18 October 2013

Welcome to Mykonos!

Hello, sunny Mykonos!

The sun is up, the hotel is superb, the sea is crystal clear, the food is delicious and there is a party everywhere.

We can tell we will have a good time here!


Katy Stephenson said...

that looks amazing out there! so jealous!


Blond Yasmin said...

It's really beautiful place!
I'm following you now and I hope you followed me back :)
Kisses from Poland,

Sammie said...

have fun in mykonos :)

Shari Alexa said...

great place! i want a vacation toooo

" Beauty is the most important thing to her, as well as feeling sexy, feminine and confortable. "
-same for me too


just followed ya via GFC :)
want to follow each other?
lemme know if ya follow back :)

have a nice day :D

Pretty in Pink said...

Deve ser um sitio lindo!!!


Sammie said...

hope you had lots of fun in mykonos :) it looks too pretty

Bubi said...

uau. Deve ser lindooo

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