Thursday, 27 September 2012

Sweet 16... Ooops, 30!

We are back to London after two weeks of holidays in Portugal. And last week we celebrated our 30th birthday, or Sweet 30, as we like to say.
The cake was the highlight and we would love to share some pictures with you.

It was a "Lady Dior", one of our favorite handbags of all times. This "Devil's food cake" is made of chocolate and the filling was mascarpone and fruit, as strawberries and berries. One word: delicious! The worst part was to cut this masterpiece. Have a look and you will understand why... 

We would like to say a big thank you to Marisol from "Sweet things" for everything, as she is the face and artist behind this amazing birthday cake.

What are your thoughts of our Lady Dior birthday cake, Shining Stars?


Íris said...

imagino que ai em Londres esteja de bater o dente! :\

Sofia said...

ohhh tão giro o bolo :) parabéns querida :) beijinho, Sofia

Lady Nini said...

Sim, Iris, ja esta muito frio aqui!

Lady Nini said...

Obrigada, Sofia! :) Beijinhos***

Pretty in Pink said...

Ohhhh o bolo ficou lindoo :):) Parabéns atrasados :)



Parabéns querida!!
Bem o bolo é realmente do outro mundo o sonho de qualquer mulher ehehhe;)

Beijinhos Grandes

Bom fim de semana;)

Kristina said...

haha love the titel :D
happy bday !

Lady Nini said...

Obrigada, meninas!
Anastácia, o bolo foi realmente o meu sonho :) Ficou lindo!

Lady Nini said...

Thank you, Kristina!
We're glad you liked it.
We thought it would be funny ;)

Danger.Of.High.Heels said...

Muitos parabéns! Esse bolo está fantástico, realmente muito original.
Gosto muito do teu blog, já estou a seguir-te. Segue-me também Continua com o bom trabalho :)

Lady Nini said...

Obrigada pelos parabéns e pelos elogios ao blog, Raquel! Folgo muito em saber que gostas.
Também já estamos a seguir o teu :)
Volta sempre!

Camila said...

Que liiindo o bolo *-*

Ver nas Unhas

Lady Nini said...

Obrigada, Camila :)

Isaa said...

wow *.*

Summer Marlowe said...


fashion luv by nicole said...

this cake looks amazing! :)
is it also delicous? :)


i follow you now.
please follow me on facebook, that would be so nice <3


Lady Nini said...

Thank you, girls!
Yes, Nicole, the cake was delicious :)
Thank you for following us, we're already following you back!

HonneJihen said...

I love this cake^^ mini pink Dior bag ^^ Good to know it was delicious too! Courious to know what was inside of the bag ...chocolate maybe :)
I like your blog i'm now following you !! If you want to follow me back here is my blog:

Have a nice day!