Friday, 10 August 2012

Mischa Barton's Boutique

Mischa Barton has launched her own boutique in London. Following on from her successful bag range the actress has designed her own clothing and cosmetic collections, now available to buy in the new Spitalfields store.

"It's nice that everything now has a home, a hub," she said. "The brand was born in London, so I wanted [the store] to start here. Spitalfields Market is a perfect fit, because even though it's East, it's still very contained. The stores are really beautiful and old, and there are some really interesting brands here. It's a good place to start. Also, now it's super hip."

The clothing collection, she says, is loosely based on her own personal style - but is aimed at a wide-ranging audience. "There are some very young pieces, some more sophisticated, mature pieces, and also some quirky stuff that's more like my wardrobe," she explained. "There are plenty of pieces for people who don't just want to dress like Mischa. It's for women ranging from 15 to 35. There are different pieces that will appeal to different styles, but the main thing is I wanted it to feel functional and easy to wear. (...) It'll be Forties-meets-Seventies with the occasional bit of Twenties - that sounds a bit random, but I'll take elements of different decades," she said. 

Price points are affordable, ranging from between £25 and £250 - something that Barton emphasises was important to her. 

"I don't think my fans are going out and buying £2,000 bags," she said. "It has to be accessible. I like the idea of making really cool things that are actually available to people." 

The Mischa Barton boutique opens today, but will have an official launch day tomorrow Saturday 11 August - during which customers will have the chance to meet Mischa, and enjoy 10 per cent off all purchases along with a glass of celebratory champagne. 

What about you, Shining stars, will you visit Mischa Barton's boutique tomorrow? 

Mischa Barton boutique 
53 Brushfields Road 
Spitalfields Market 
E1 London


Rubi said...

What about sharing your thoughts and pictures about the products? If I saw it here maybe I would be tempted to visit the shop :)!

lu de lúcia said...

Muito interessante esta publicação, se aí vivesse ia lá de certeza.
Porque te mudaste para aí, qual é a sensação?
Oh muito obrigada, é sempre bom saber que as pessoas se interessam em me conhecer um pouco melhor. És muito simpática. Bom fim de semana também. Bisou bisou :D

Marcela Gmd said...

I love to visit your boutique...
Have a wonderful weekend!

Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

Anonymous said...

desculpas para não saber a ordem da conversa xD

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Marie said...

cool post and pictures :)

like your blog
maybe we caould follow each other?


Kristina said...

grrrreat post :) love her !


Olá querida!!
Que fantástico, essa loja e o mais importante é que ela pensou em fazer uma marca, que possa abranger toda a gente;)


Beijinhos Grandes

Bom fim de semana;)

Mimi In Love said...

Gostava mt de irr..mas nao da :P gosto muito dela:P eheheh beijinho************+


Olá minha linda!!
Obrigado, o fim de semana foi bom mesmo;)

Espero que também tenhas tido um fantástico;)

Beijinhos Grandes
Boa Segunda;)

fashion BOOM said...


Megan, said...

im so impressed Xo Megan