Wednesday, 4 July 2012

On Our Way To Madeira

We are on our way to an amazing island in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean, Madeira.
Madeira’s Nightlife, fine dining, water sports, perfect climate, and spectacular scenery, are second to none and a "must" for the modern traveller.

Here you can see some pictures of the hotel where we will be staying. 

Have you ever been to Madeira? What are your thoughts about it?


Papercuts said...

Portugal has beautiful landscapes :D
Hope you enjoy your vacations!

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Isaa said...

nunca fui, mas adorava ir *.*

Framboesa (uma diva de galochas) said...

I've been to Madeira about 20 and 15 years ago :) I hope you enjoy it!


Aileen said...

OH quanto eu adorava ir!!
My parents went to Madeira when i was 8, but i didn't go that time :/ poor me! A ver se para o ano dou lá um saltinho :)
nice weekend!

Rachel Jensen {Da Paura ♥} said...

Wow, it looks absolutely stunning!

Rubi said...

:) Sounds great!

Fashion Lookbook said...

Wow, this place is amazing.

Couture said...

It looks wonderful! I'm sure you are going to have a great time there!