Thursday, 12 April 2012

Luxury In The Seventies

Think of 70's fashion and, whether you lived the decade or not, you’ll likely have some preconceptions of how it should look. One of those may be a leaning towards ultra bohemian hippie styles, but in so far as a revival goes it’s hard to go past the sophisticated side of the era. 


Beautifully illustrating the fresh glamour that can be brought to revivalism of the 70s is this shoot by Walter Maurice. Vibrant colours – red silk shorts, a saffron yellow head wrap - make every outfit pop, as styled by Triann Marcs.

In the photographer’s own words: “Pieces were sourced in Vintage Stores and well as collaborating with Designer Jess Cervonaro, graduate of East Sydney Design Studio. Using Red, royal blues and lime yellow illustrates the 70's fun and inventive side. Textures such as knits, Wools, and delicate sheers and floral prints are depicted thought the styling as this was featured all through out the 1970's fashion of luxurious fashions.” 


Kelinha said...

It seems 70's was a good decade =)*

MissyLi said...

Usava sem medo algumas peças!!!

Rachel Jensen {Da Paura ♥} said...

So beautiful!

Karen Ussene said...

A minha época favorita é os anos 70 >.< LOVE IT!