Tuesday, 27 March 2012

H&M Exclusive Conscious Red Carpet Collection


H&M announced that they have created an "Exclusive Conscious" Collection of red carpet looks that have all been made from sustainable materials like organic cotton and hemp, and recycled polyester, as part of the H&M Conscious initiative.

It was a big surprise when Michelle Williams chose to wear an H&M dress to the BAFTA’s a few weeks ago, despite the fact H&M have slowly been stepping up their red carpet presence in recent months. Kristen Davis, Amanda Seyfried and Viola Davis have also been spotted wearing H&M at red carpet events.
A top and skirt inspired by Michelle’s exclusive gown will be available in selected H&M stores when the "Exclusive Conscious" collection is launched in store and online from April 12th.



Do you like the look of H&M's red carpet offering? Which pieces are your favourites and which stars would you like to see wearing the collection on the red carpet next?


Cléo de Lucca said...

Amei a novidade!!!
Cléo de Lucca

lacinho rosa said...

Nice collection:)

Mary said...

Wow amazing collection! I'm in LOVE!
And thank you for the tip.
Love Marie from and-mary.blogspot.com

Isaa said...

Ai adorei *.*

Mónica - Mes Voyages à Paris said...

Wow, the last one is so pretty!!

MissyLi said...

O primeiro é um amor!!!



Sophie said...

I adore this collection -so great to have more ethical and sustainable clothing available on the high street!


HeelsNposes said...

I fell madly in love with the second picture. That top and skirt or dress is soooo wonderful. I'm loving the last pic also. I've been into short suites lately. I'll have to look in to this collection. Thanks for the info. =)

xoxo (till next time)

Eri said...

The colours are great, HM has been really spot on the trends, right now. Thanks for sharing.

Please have a look my fashion blog Pretty Portobello.
Hope to see you soon.

B. said...

é tão bonito !

Estilo Hedónico said...

I just looooove frills.
Please check out my blog and follow if you like.

kiss kiss