Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Poolside Glamour

Poolside glamour.
If you take that phrase literally you usually end up with sultry swimwear worn with luxurious jewels, high heels, lipstick and cascades of vintage-style waves. In other words, all the things you don’t want to get wet. But practicality be damned: sometimes, editorially at least, it’s the best way to present a selection of bikinis and draw the viewer in.

In Harper’s Bazaar UK’s January 2011 issue Rosie Huntington-Whiteley ticks all the poolside glamour boxes on what we can only assume is a resort holiday of sorts. Informing your 2012 swimwear choices are block coloured pieces with details like strapping and cutaways.

For now, we can only long for hot summer days and dream about these glamorous moments by the swimming pool.


Sammie said...

love those pictures :) makes me want to have summer back :)


Melina said...