Friday, 2 September 2011

A new perspective

Thigh high splits, over the knee boots, selectively placed furs and blazers. Each are about perspective. Particular angles can detract from the effect, others can heighten it in any number of ways. Despite this, the majority of photo shoots tend to concentrate on each statement element from the same perspective – thigh high splits, for instance, are nearly always photographed with their wearer in motion, revealing a flash of thigh.
The Michael Kors photo shoot in the September issue of Interview magazine changes all that. It changes the perspective, sexually charging each statement. And deservedly so: each of these fashion elements is crafted around the sensuality of the body.

Putting a new perspective on many a part of model Karmen Pedaru‘s body, you can see here a preview of Interview‘s Michael Kors photo shoot. The full pictorial, in all its print glory, can be found within the page of Interview’s September 2011 edition.


MissyLi said...

Amei a fotos!!!!

Anonymous said...

love the perspective-Paul