Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Welcome to the jungle

Christian Dior not only never disappoints, but also manages to surprise every time. This one's for all of us leopard print lovers!

Elegance and sensuality are the words that best match the new Spring Summer 2011 make up collection, a line that bears the name of Mitzah Bricard, muse and inspiration for Dior back in 1940.

This luxurious and exclusive palette is a couture must-have that reflects a legendary character, a romantic heroine who dared to indulge in unique extravagance. Slipped into a black velvet pouch also decorated inside with the feline print. The palette has been made in a very similar way to that of Renne Gruau handmade-palette and handfinished. The attention to details is sublime, making it an even more time consuming and complicated layering process than the Gruau.

This special edition make-up collection has only 3 cosmetic products. Dior celebrates Mitzah Bricard creating an eyeshadow palette coming in sophisticated brown and camel tones that reproduce the legandary jungle prints. There are also 2 limited-edition nail polishes to go along with the eyeshadow. Both the ebony and camel shades are chic and sophisticated.

Available in a limited edition, the Mitzah palette celebrates the woman described by Christian Dior as "one of those rare people today whose only reason for living is elegance". 

Muse above all, she had the power to turn the ordinary into stylish. A style empress, who decided what was elegant and what was not. Her point of view set the tone and defined the criteria for grandiose and elegance.

Mitzah Bricard


MissyLi said...

I think i´m in love with this palette!! Hummmmm
I want one!!!
It´s on my shopping spree list!!!